UML Pointers

1. Software Development Magazine: Mar. 2000

Focus on UML

Scott W. Ambler: How the UML Models Fit Together, (local)

Doug Rosenberg: UML Applied: Nine Tips to Incorporating UML into Your Project, (local)

Martin Fowler: Why use UML, (local)

2. What is UML and why should you use it by Sinan Si Alhir

3. UML tutorial by Robert C. Martin

Class diagrams
Collaboration Diagrams
Finite State Machines
Complex Transitions

4. UML documentation of IBM/Rational Company

UML notation summary
UML documentation set

5. CERN based training material

UML Introduction (John Deacon)
Use of UML with LHC++ packages (LHC++ team & Bob Jones)

6. Software development magzine Feb. 2004

What's new in UML2 by Scott Ambler (local)