Cryptography, Security and Number Theory

Number Theory

Numbers - calculator for number manipulation from Maths Archive

Modular Arithmetic - for cryptography

Third year - Number Theory and Cryptography

Public and other lectures on Number theory and Cryptography using Maple

550.371: Cryptology and Coding at Johns Hopkins U - handouts on number theory and cyphers

Paul Garrett: Crypto and Number Theory

Santa Clara U - Schaefer, Edward - Cryptography or Number Theory Lecture Notes

Computer and Network Security

Cryptography and Computer Communications Security Group at Bradford

Computers, Security, and Ethics

Encryption and Security Tutorial

Cryptography and Network Security, Second Edition

Computer Security course CCS3 at ADFA, Aus

ECE 575 Data Security & Cryptography at Oregon SU - several PDF handouts

CCNY CS Computer Security Course Notes

Ronald L. Rivest : Cryptography and Security

COAST Hotlist: Computer Security, Law and Privacy

Crypto and Security Courses

Information Security - Teaching Material

LSE CSRC Security Web Resources

Security and Cryptology module at Cambridge

Introduction to Security and Cryptology module at Cambridge

Cryptography and Network Security CSE 207, Spring 99, UCSD

UTK/CS Computer and Network Security

Tom Dunigan's Security page

Links on Security and Cryptology

Cryptology and Computer Network Security Courses at Universities

Systems Security and Cryptography at Pennsylvania UCIS 700/2

Spring 1999 - CS513 Computer Security - Lecture Annex

Security and Encryption Links

Security and Encryption Links - UK mirror

SSH - Cryptography A-Z

ShoreTel's Web Communication: Cryptography and Network Security

Other Cryptography Courses and Tutorials

``Notes on cryptography,'' by Charles Blair

McGill University School of Computer Science: 308-547A

Crypto Links - University courses

CS359 (Spr99): Foundations of Cryptography

Self-Study Course in Block Cipher Cryptanalysis

CS 431 - Cryptology in Computing

A Class on Secret Codes for Gifted Students 8-12

Cryptography Lecture Notes by Oded Goldreich

Lecture Notes on Cryptography 1997 - 268 pp of PS

CS115 Cryptology at Oberlin College

Codes and Cyphers COSC350 - Intro to Cryptography at Georgetown U

Cryptography and Computer Security course at ADFA in Oz

The Math Forum - Math Library - Course Notes

General Cryptography

Cryptography - Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptography and E-Commerce - March 1999 update

Professor K. Bowyer's Ethics & Computing home page

Crypto Links

Shortcut to Cryptography

Information on cryptography

Crypto-Log: Internet Guide to Cryptography

UCL/DICE - Crypto Group

The Cryptography Project at Georgetown U

The PKI page

The PKI Forum

RSA Laboratories | Cryptography FAQ

Cryptography - Linear Algebra and Affine Enciphering

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Cryptography

The Math Forum - Math Library - Cryptography