2005 Spring 密碼學與應用(二)


0 Secret Sharing, slides chap 10
1 Key exchange and Kerberos, slides chap 13
2 PKI (PKCS, X.509, PGP) chap 13
3 Information Theory chap 14
4 Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem chap 15
5 Quantum Cryptography chap 17
6 Error Correcting Code and Cryptography chap 16
7 Quadratic Residue, Composite Residuosity, and Pailier's Cryptosystem (Partial Discrete Log with trapdoor), slide1 (working)
8 Secret Sharing Without Trusted Center (ElGamal, RSA)
9 Bit Commitment Schemes
10 Zero Knowledge Protocol and Zero Knowledge Proof, slides chap 12
11 Applications in Electronic Commerce chap 9
12 Cryptographic Games chap 11
13 Oblivious Transfer and Oblivious Signature
14 Two party computation protocols, slides
15 Multi-party computation protocols
16 Electronic Auctions and some application of Game Theory
17 Electronic Voting
18 Cryptographic Hash Algorithms
20 Group Signatures Undeniable Signature and Designated Confirmer Signature
21 Ring Signatures, slides
22 Subliminal Channel
24 Cryptographic Packages (RSAREF, BSAFE, OpenSSL, Crypto++, Java JCE, Cryptix, MS Crypto API, cryptlib)
25 Comparison of Public Key Cryptosystems, slides
26 Smartcards
27 Pseudo Random number generation, slides

Theoretical stuffs like one way function, hard-core predicate, pseudo random generators and pseudo random functions, zero knowledge proof systems, security notions in encryption (symmetric and asymmetric) and signature system, multi-party protocols, and modelling / analysis of security protocols are covered in a separate Graduate course.

密碼學與應用(二)課程 首頁

製作日期: 01/14/2005 by 丁培毅 (Pei-yih Ting)
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