2003 Fall 密碼學與應用課程內容摘要

課程摘要 課本閱讀
第一週,第二週 (9/16, 9/23, 9/25) 課程簡介, 課程要求, Textbook, Cryptography terminology, Basic communication scenario, Types of attacks, attacks to the cryptography algorithms, Kerckhoffs's Principle, Security Services, Secret Key vs Public Key Cryptosystems, Key Length Issues, Slides , Lenstra's paper [1] , Blaze's paper [2] chap 1
第三週 (09/30, 10/02) Unbreakable Cryptosystems, One-time pad, Modern Cryptography, Security Notions in Cryptography, 資訊安全的定義, 電腦安全的威脅, 資訊安全課題, Cryptographic Applications, Focus of this class, Why staying in this class? Aspects of Modern Cryptography, Slides , Congruence, GCD, Euclidean Algorithm, Extended Euclidean Algorithm, Multiplicative Inverse, Slides chap 1
chap 3
第四週 (10/07, 10/09) Solving ax=b mod n, Group, Abelian Group, Cyclic Group, Ring, Field, apply modulo whenever you can, Fast exponentiation, CRT, Matlab samples, Slides chap 3
第五週 (10/14, 10/16) CRT 2nd solution interpretation, square root example, Slides , Classical Ciphers - Shift Cipher, Affine Cipher, Substitution Cipher, Vigenere Cipher, Block Cipher, Hill Cipher, Shannon's Principles, Letter Frequency Analysis, Slides   chap 3
chap 2
第六週 (10/21, 10/23) Stream Ciphers, Slides , Prime numbers (Basics, Prime Number Theorem, Factors, Fermat Little Theorem), Slides   chap 3
chap 2
第七週 (10/28, 10/30) Prime numbers (Fermat Little Theorem, Euler Totient function, Euler Theorem, Primitive Root, Square Root), Slides , History, Feistel System, A simple DES, Slides chap 4
第八週 (11/04, 11/06) Design of f(.,.), 3-round differential cryptanalysis, 4-round differential cryptanalysis, DES design criteria, DES, Linear Cryptanalysis, Is DES a group?, Modes of Operation (ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, Counter), Slides   chap 4
第九週 (11/11, 11/13) DES , AES chap 4
chap 5
第十週 (11/18, 11/20) 期中考試 10:20-12:05, chap 1-5
第十一週 (11/27) RSA Cryptosystem, slides chap 6
第十二週 (12/04) RSA Cryptosystem cont'd, slides
(請注意 11/28 期中退選截止)
chap 6
第十三週 (12/11) RSA cont'd and attacks, slides chap 6
第十四週 (12/18) RSA cont'd and attacks, slides chap 6
第十五週 (12/25) Discrete Log based Cryptosystem, Pohlig-Hellman method, slides chap 7
第十六週 (01/01) Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Algorithm, ElGamal Cryptosystem, and DDH assumption, slides chap 7
第十七週 (01/08) Signature schemes, Hash, and Birthday attack, slides chap 8
第十八週 (01/15) 學期考試 10:20-12:00 chap4, chap 6, chap 7, chap 8

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